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Chef Inspired Low-Carb Meals
Designed By You, Delivered To You

At Miracle Meals your goals are our number one priority!

We take the time to weigh every single item that goes into every single meal. You are able to choose the portion size for each food item and create your own nutrition label in order to achieve your fitness goals.

 Need Help Creating Your Meal Plan?

Fill out your information here

and our team will contact you to help build you a meal plan that will help you achieve your goals. 

Pick Your Protein and Side Options

Select any two side items we offer. You can also change the portion size of each side.

Create Your Own Nutrition Label

Create your own nutrition label and watch it update as you add each item.

Submit Your Order,
We Deliver to You

Place your order before Thursday at 12pm and receive your food at your home every Sunday. 

How it works...

Choose from one of our Under 10g Net Carb Miracle Noodle Meals

Our low-carb noodle station by Miracle Noodle™ is the perfect option if you are following a low-carb diet and still want to eat delicious foods like pasta and rice!

Check Out Our WeeklySpecials

Our chef inspired Weekly Specials give clients something new to look forward to each week. These meals include homemade style recipes designed by our chef, while maintaining the healthy tradition we stand by.


What Makes Us Different From The Rest 

We know how saturated the meal prep market has become, but we can assure you we are far different from any other company...

Free Nutritional Coaching

Book a FREE Meal Planning Session with a Miracle Meals Nutrition Expert! Our 20-minute nutrition consultations are great if you need a little help with creating the perfect Miracle Meals meal plan!
Our team of nutrition experts are here to help!
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Miracle Meals is a Bilt Wellness company. 

Bilt Wellness is a comprehensive wellness provider that offers our clients a complete wellness solution.

Our team of wellness professionals truly believe that in order to see life changing results, you must prioritize the 4 Pillars of Health: Nutrition, Exercise, Rest & Recovery, Supplementation

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