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Our Team

Welcome to Team Miracle Meals! We are a community passionate about empowering people to live healthier lives while taking the guesswork out of nutrition, and ensuring that healthy, high quality food is readily available to everyone. We want you to spend time doing the things you enjoy most, and encourage those around you to do the same by living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Join Team Miracle Meals!
Want to help spread the word about the top meal prep company in South Florida? If you’re passionate about delicious and nutritious food, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and encouraging others to do the same, then you just may be a perfect fit!

Team Miracle Meals perks include:


  • Unique link via Share a Sale to track sales

  • Discount on your own personal meals

  • Custom Apparel

  • Invitations to wellness events

  • Help build your personal wellness business through social media

  • Connect with like minded fitness individuals

If you think you’ve got what it takes, fill out the application below, and a Team Bilt Member will reply to you promptly!

Let’s Work Together

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